Marvel Characters Drawn as Mega Man Sprites


First leaked image of Billy Mitchell as the new Master Control Program in #TronLegacy.

I think he has enslaved the cyber world, forcing them to consume his hot sauce.

Imperial Destoyer above Golden Gate Bridge.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Small online museum of past technology, including the printed newsletter of a computer user group.

My Top 10 Atari 2600 Games

This was my response to a question posted in The Retroist’s forum.

1. Adventure – I drooled when my cousin showed me this on his 2600. Played it over and over again on his system. Couldn’t wait to get a system of our own SPECIFICALLY so I could play this game.
2. Raiders of the Lost Ark – I remember coming downstairs one morning and seeing my my mother playing the game, saying she’s been trying to figure it out all night.
3. Missile Command – nuff said
4. Space Invaders – ditto
5. Asteroids – ditto
6. Stampede – My brother and I kept trying to outdo each other’s scores. Wanted so bad to get the patch.
7. Freeway – Can still hear the traffic noises. (or was that just in my head.) Chicken was cute as hell. Another one my brother and I competed with.
8. Pitfall – Loved the game, but very frustrating.
9. Star Voyager – First great first-person shooter for the 2600. And you had to love the appropriation of a Millenium Falcon model in their box art.
10. Ms. Pac Man – Was never crazy about any of the Pac Man games. (Mostly because I wasn’t very good at it.) But I liked Ms. Pac Man on the 2600 because it was such an improvement to the 2600 Pac Man.